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Rough Patch

Let's face it.  We're going through a rough spot.  I'm not completely blaming you...I take my share of the responsibility for the frustrations in our relationship but without the tie that holds us together legally, spiritually, ethically, and otherwise we probably would have kicked each other to our respective curbs by now.

You'd have tired of my constant and relentless righting of wrongs and I'd have exhausted all of my methods to do so without excessive dissatisfaction and we'd have thrown in the towel, amicably parting ways but relieved to be done with the struggle.

But we will survive this rocky period, and the many more we will face, not only because of the deep and unfaltering love we feel for one another but because we've vowed to remain committed, through  highs and lows, as long as we draw breath.  I am steadfast in that commitment and there is no one I love more than you...

But we have work some work to do.

Communication is a challenge for us.…

Shameless Parenting

I love my boys with all my heart.  I give them all I’ve got, day in and day out, in an effort to raise healthy, productive, happy members of society.I’m not afraid to admit, however, that sometimes all I’ve got is not that much.
I’ve slipped into some shameless parenting habits that, although very necessary for my own happiness and sanity at times, are not necessarily what one would consider primo parenting.  Since I make no qualms about it (I mean shameless in the literal sense here) I will share them with you in an effort to make you feel better about your own human raising.  
Yelling/Screaming/Acting Like a Crazy Person:  I’m a yeller.  Always have been.  It hit home that I do this all too frequently when I heard my 18 month old screaming incoherently at the dogs when they were barking at the mail lady.  You know, just like I do. 
Under the Breath Cussing:  It is not at all uncommon for me to let loose a profanity laced outpouring of anger, disappointment, frustration, whatever th…