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The Case for a Crazy Christmas

I don't know what to say, except that it's Christmas and we're all in misery.  -Ellen Griswald
Lately I’ve seen an article here or there making the case for a cozy little Christmas at home with just the immediate family gathered round.And I totally get it. The absence of busy airports or crabby kids on a long car ride, the avoidance of days of packing to go and days unpacking to get resettled at home, the potential for sleepless nights with kiddos not tucked into their own beds, and a litany of other headache inducing drama that goes hand in hand with a Christmas that involves extended family.Not having to deal with all that and more has big appeal. But here’s the deal for me and mine.Christmas just isn't Christmas without all that. We’ve committed to spending Christmas with our extended family as long as possible, even though it’s sometimes outrageously difficult.Here’s why.
For us, part of what is fun about the holidays is we relax and I don’t mean we sit with our feet …