Welcome to Stiff Drinks!

I have been doing lots and lots of blog reading for the last 5 months or so.  I've also been doing lots and lots and breastfeeding the last 5 months or so.  Coincidence?  I think not.

I also thought I kind of had this mothering thing down considering I grew, birthed, and successfully reared my first son to the ripe old age of 3 years before his brother came along.  How hard could it be to add a second child?  Well, let's just say that since becoming a mother of two I have many more stressful days, much less sleep than even the first time around, and not entirely pure and loving thoughts about my offspring every single second of the sometimes never ending day than I did when I was a mother of just one.  Coincidence?  No, I think not.

As a family we already have a place where we post family photos and tidbits about our daily lives for posterity and for extended family.  But as someone who loves to write and finds herself in need of an outlet for my sometimes extreme thoughts on parenting, the running of a household, and whatever other pursuits and interests that may fill up my crazy life, I decided to start this here blog.  Here I will deposit (and let go?) of my feelings, frustrations, successes, urges, ideas, and rants about this wonderfully amazing, entirely fulfilling, but woefully challenging life of mine.

Here I will be free to speak exactly what I am feeling, even if it's less than kind to my children, because I endeavor to always be kind to them in our "real" life.  Here I will drop as many f bombs or oh shits as I feel is necessary to adequately convey my sentiment because I endeavor not to do so in our "real" life.  Here I will be open and honest, but not always literal, so hold the phone if I say I'm about to choke somebody.  I hope I can be funny, real, raw, and maybe even helpful if anyone stumbles into reading my hastily pecked out entries.

I love, adore, and admire my family so freaking much that I sometimes feel like my heart may actually explode.   But occasionally, being the mom makes me want to scream or cry or just run far, far away for a brief shining moment of solo sanity.  This place is for those occasions.



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